Understanding why technical indicators fail

Trading signals and indicators form part of the basis of technical analysis of trading trends and market movement. These tools are used by most traders to analyze price action and plan entry and exit strategies. Although these are popular in CFD, stock and forex advice and often work well, no technique in the trading industry […]

Trading with Elder’s triple screening strategy

In 1986, Dr. Alexander Elder developed the Triple Screen trading system to eliminate false indicators and signals. The theory behind this system is that a single indicator cannot predict and analyze market conditions on its own, so it uses more than one indicator. It has become one of many reliable trading strategies and allows you […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • October 9, 2018
  • 8:35 pm BST

Trading the 1-minute scalping strategy

Scalping is a popular term in the trading industry, and it is used in Forex trading as a means of trading according to technical analysis. For those who are starting to learn how to trade CFDs and Forex, this strategy is simple to learn and useful in trades. However, it does require understanding and time […]

The Martingale strategy: Trading a negative progression system

Traders looking to improve their trades will always be studying new strategies and aiming to grow. Novice traders might not realize the importance of this ambition and might be misled by signals and indicators. When this is the case, market selection, exit strategies, position sizing, and objective orientation may be neglected. Although these factors might […]

Trading chart patterns: The dead cat bounce

The use of technical analysis in trading is one of the leading methods to plan and plot trade positions. Whether it’s stock, CFD or forex trading, charts can be used to identify patterns and study the markets.

Analyzing the divergence of indicators

Trading signals are often spread across charts while a stock’s price continues in a steady trend. This indicates a difference in the indicators and price action as they are not moving proportionally, which in turn is an immediate signal of trouble. Although this might seem like incorrect signalling, it is actually one of the greatest […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • September 26, 2018
  • 11:25 pm BST

5 steps to steer clear of margin calls

Margin calls are one of the many methods used by traders to increase profitable opportunities when they do not possess the necessary capital. It allows you to make use of leverage, which is essentially a type of loan from forex and CFD brokers. This method can be highly beneficial to make bigger trades without large […]

  • By Jeff Cartridge
  • 7:46 pm BST

Six basic strategies for trading with price action

Many traders make use of multiple charts and pattern strategies to study the market and plan trades. Although this can work, it is often a highly complicated approach to technical analysis. Instead of creating a complex method for your stock and forex trading (or any other trading), you can employ these six simple analysis techniques […]

The truth about 8 technical analysis misconceptions

The conversations surrounding the use of technical analysis vary across the board of traders. While some think the short-term analysis of charting and patterns is inefficient, others believe it can prove to be successful when implemented in trading strategies. As a result, many myths have been formed regarding this method of market analysis. The secrets […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • September 7, 2018
  • 7:54 pm BST

The skill of recognizing patterns in price action charts

With the large variety of chart types available, the ability to recognize patterns is a highly advantageous skill in all trading strategies. This technique forms part of technical analysis, whereby price action and volume are traced. Pattern recognition is highly useful for determining entry and exit points, stop loss orders and profit targets. Pattern types […]

  • By Jeff Cartridge
  • 12:05 am BST