Six basic strategies for trading with price action

Many traders make use of multiple charts and pattern strategies to study the market and plan trades. Although this can work, it is often a highly complicated approach to technical analysis. Instead of creating a complex method for your stock and forex trading (or any other trading), you can employ these six simple analysis techniques […]

  • By AdminFund
  • September 14, 2018
  • 12:34 am BST

The truth about 8 technical analysis misconceptions

The conversations surrounding the use of technical analysis vary across the board of traders. While some think the short-term analysis of charting and patterns is inefficient, others believe it can prove to be successful when implemented in trading strategies. As a result, many myths have been formed regarding this method of market analysis. The secrets […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • September 7, 2018
  • 7:54 pm BST

The skill of recognizing patterns in price action charts

With the large variety of chart types available, the ability to recognize patterns is a highly advantageous skill in all trading strategies. This technique forms part of technical analysis, whereby price action and volume are traced. Pattern recognition is highly useful for determining entry and exit points, stop loss orders and profit targets. Pattern types […]

  • By AdminFund
  • 12:05 am BST

Inflation: a telling statistic

Traders around the world stand up and pay attention when economic releases are made that relate to inflation rates. These releases are often referred to as the Consumer Price Index or CPI, and it is a firmly scheduled event on every economic calendar in all of the most important world economies, including the United Kingdom, […]

Which analysis is best for long-term stock market investments?

Fundamental analysis, technical analysis and quantitative analysis all form a vital part of choosing trading strategies in the various financial markets. These are often used to determine the potential risks and advantages of a long-term investment in the stock markets. Each method of analysis is used for its own set of circumstances and can reveal […]

Technical software analysis best options

Charting software has changed the game for day traders. In fact, there are some who say that traders are only as good as their software. That way of thinking could be argued both ways, but there is no denying that charting software is an integral part of any day trader’s work. Data interpretation is a […]

  • By Jeff Cartridge
  • August 29, 2018
  • 8:32 pm BST

The Dow Theory Explained

Technical analysis is a base barometer for many traders, and rightly so as technical indicators can help you reach higher profits. Although it has evolved into its own field, it remains anchored in Dow Theory. If you’re a trader who is serious about understanding the fundamentals of what you’re doing in order to deepen your […]

Is the stock exchange due for a correction?

The old adage dictates that what goes up must come down. For a while, the whispers on Wall Street have been about a market correction or pullback. “It’s simply time” seems to be the sentiment, given that the stock market has been on an impressive bull run for what is historically a long time. That […]

Determining the strategic relevance of fractals in trading

Not all CFD brokers understand fractals, but they are undeniably a crucial component of understanding forex trading. Fractals at best can be described as indicators. This is to say that they serve an important purpose in forex trading by giving traders insight into price patterns and trends. Fractals are reversal patterns featuring 5 bars. The […]

Swing trading strategies for successful trend tracking

One trading strategy used by forex and CFD traders is known as swing trading. Swing trading allows traders to either keep positions open for hours or for longer depending on the condition of the market. This method can be used to track and predict trends in the various trading instruments and markets. The concept of […]