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Find the latest Stock Market book reviews here is dedicated to providing you a wide range of trading resources and tools to assist you along the path to trading success.

One of the least expensive forms of gaining knowledge is investing in a range of quality stock market books. The next part is up to you, meaning you’re going to have to sit down and read them and preferably take some quality notes as well. will try to add at least 1 book review a week to this page so please come back regularly to see if your favourite stock market book has received a glowing report.

Our goal was to start reviewing the CFD trading books first, then move on to the trading classics and add further reviews from there. Enjoy.

  • Marcel Link High Probability Trading book review
    Marcel Links High Probability trading is one of the most highly recommended trading books to kick start your trading career in the profitable direction
  • Chris Shea Licensed To Profit book review
    The Market Coach Chris Shea has released his first book titled Licensed to Profit. Licensed to profit is a book for new and experienced traders looking to improve their trading.
  • Real Traders 2 by Eva Diaz book review
    Real Traders 2 by Eva Diaz. Learn how Dave Limburg used the power of leverage to make $110,000 in 9 weeks and claim the $100,000 first prize.
  • Catherine Davey – Cat Davey Making Money from CFD Trading
    Discover the key tips and tricks that Cat Davey used to turn $13,000 into $30,000 in 3 months in her latest book ‘Making money from CFD trading’.
  • Jeff Cartridge Supercharge your trading with CFDs
    Supercharge your trading with CFDs is the latest book by Jeff Cartridge who is a well known and respected trading author, educator, mentor, fund manager and trading coach.


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Beat the Odds in Forex Trading
Beat the Odds in Forex Trading: How to Identify and Profit from High Percentage Market Patterns By Igor R. Toshchakov[...]
FOREX: The Complete Beginner’s Trading Course
FOREX: The Complete Beginner's Trading Course: Designed with the Novice Trader in Mind  By Lode Maria Loyens Synopsis:  This title[...]
The Simple Strategy
The Simple Strategy - A Powerful Day Trading Strategy for Trading Futures, Stocks, ETFs and Forex By Markus Heitkoetter Synopsis:[...]
Make Money Online
Make Money Online - Investing & Retirement Planning, With Forex Trading Strategies  By Gary Broadbent Synopsis: This Forex trading guide,[...]
Forex: For Beginners + Strategies for Beginners and Experts
By Baron McBane  Synopsis: This book, written by Baron McBane, is a two-in-one which consists of both Forex: for Beginners:[...]
The Best Techniques to Multiply Your Cash Flow with Forex Trading 
By Samuel Rees Synopsis: This Forex guide by Samuel Rees is aimed at those looking to profit from Forex trading.[...]
The Basics of Currency Trading and Stock Investing
Forex Trading: The Basics of Currency Trading and Stock Investing: Learn the Basics of Day Trading By Peter Flynn Synopsis:[...]
Proven Strategies to Make Money from the Forex Market with Ease 
FOREX TRADING: Proven Strategies to Make Money from the Forex Market with Ease  By Stephen Benjamin Synopsis: This Forex guide[...]
Forex Trading Using Volume Price Analysis
Forex Trading Using Volume Price Analysis: Over 100 worked examples in all time frames  By Anna Coulling Synopsis: Anna Coulling’s[...]
Habits of Highly Successful Forex Traders 
Forex Trading For Beginners: Habits of Highly Successful Forex Traders  By Carter Coombes  Synopsis: This title, written by Carter Coombes,[...]