Trading with Elder’s triple screening strategy

In 1986, Dr. Alexander Elder developed the Triple Screen trading system to eliminate false indicators and signals. The theory behind this system is that a […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • July 9, 2021
  • 8:35 pm BST

Analyzing the divergence of indicators

Trading signals are often spread across charts while a stock’s price continues in a steady trend. This indicates a difference in the indicators and price […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • June 26, 2021
  • 11:25 pm BST

Trade entry and execution: Three great ways to make improvements

If you’re a day trader and you buy when the share price dips and sell when it’s high, you’ll know that deals can sometimes go […]

Trading chart patterns: The dead cat bounce

The use of technical analysis in trading is one of the leading methods to plan and plot trade positions. Whether it’s stock, CFD or forex trading, charts can be used to identify patterns and study the markets.

Rethinking the method of averaging down

Many traders believe that averaging down is a wise way to improve the potential of a profitable trade. It is true that this method can […]

5 steps to steer clear of margin calls

Margin calls are one of the many methods used by traders to increase profitable opportunities when they do not possess the necessary capital. It allows […]

What makes for a good CFD trade?

The essential metric for determining if a CFD trade is good is basically whether it makes a profit. While some other forms of trading based […]

Volatility doesn’t have to have negative connotations

Volatility in the market happens frequently, and it is what makes it so difficult to trade as a living. This is why few people rely […]

Adding Bollinger Bands to your technical analysis toolkit

Experienced CFD traders tend to assemble a toolkit of go-to technical indicators. Any one of these indicators can be useful, but they can be far […]

The skill of recognizing patterns in price action charts

With the large variety of chart types available, the ability to recognize patterns is a highly advantageous skill in all trading strategies. This technique forms […]