Financial industry leaders speak out after JPMorgan crypto reversal

When JPMorgan Chase announced its first major steps into the crypto world, the reactions were ones of astonishment, amazement, and surprise, while a significantly smaller contingent regarded the news as positive, regardless of the limited scope of the new JPM Coin. The Chase coin will be used behind the scenes to increase efficiencies in its […]

  • By Tom Cleveland
  • February 23, 2019
  • 1:44 am BST

Cambridge Associates tells pensions funds it’s time to consider cryptos

Crypto critics abound at the near-term prospects for cryptocurrencies, but they seem to fade away when a long-term view is taken. Which institutional investor is focused almost entirely on the long-term perspective? The answer is pension and endowment funds, which have shied away from cryptos for a variety of reasons. Now Cambridge Associates, a major […]

  • By Tom Cleveland
  • 1:40 am BST

What does Google’s BigQuery platform mean for crypto?

The power of Google is something that cannot be underestimated, so when the internet giant makes moves into the world of cryptocurrency, CFD traders, forex speculators and anyone interested in crypto will sit up and take notice. However, Google is also known as one of the largest data-collecting entities in the world, so the privacy-conscious […]

Will Central Bank Digital Currencies help crypto?

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are the buzz phrase on many lips right now. While many see them as the next stage in digital coin evolution, others see them as a way for the original concept of cryptocurrencies to gain wider acceptance. CBDCs are permissioned and centralized and as such are open to control and […]

How to trade like a CFD professional

One of the reasons that contract for difference (CFD) trading has become so popular is because it essentially democratizes taking positions on a wide range of different markets. Using CFDs to make trades doesn’t mean having expensive advisors or using complicated brokerage systems that can be confusing and costly. In fact, the opposite is true, […]

  • By Jeff Cartridge
  • February 21, 2019
  • 2:28 am BST

Cryptocurrency support announced by mobile gifting platform Swych

As the crypto sector continues to wrestle with the questions of whether regulation is needed to facilitate more widespread adoption and acceptance, business seems to be getting on with putting blockchain tech and digital coins to work. The latest announcement that will interest CFD crypto fans has come from Dallas-based mobile gifting company Swych which […]

Crypto industry abuzz with comments after JPM Coin news

Banks, especially the major global ones, are heavily regulated and are expected to toe the line when issues of safety and soundness are raised in private planning discussions. Crypto enthusiasts, with Ripple (“XRP”) being the most vocal proponent, have publicly avowed to replace anachronistic banking services like SWIFT with innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency approaches. After […]

  • By Jeff Cartridge
  • 2:10 am BST

India and Russia take different views on Crypto regulation

As the debate about regulation of the crypto sector rumbles on, there are many different factors at play that should be of interest to CFD traders who take positions on digital coin assets. With major financial institutions continuing to make forays into the sector and the technology that underlies it, and several Arab states already […]

Beyond the Tutorial – Elliott Wave Analysis and Bitcoin

Veteran traders tend to swear by their own personal approaches to market trading, a process they have honed from years of experience that guides their interpretation of price behavior and ultimately their decision-making regimen when it comes to market entry and exit points. While quite a few veterans have learned to keep it simple, relying […]

  • By Tom Cleveland
  • February 16, 2019
  • 2:20 am BST

What are the threats Bitcoin faces?

It might seem a strange question to ask whether Bitcoin will survive, given that it kick-started the whole crypto sector which is worth a great deal of money only ten years later. However, if you look back at the game-changing originators of social media, such as Myspace, there are precedents for what once looked like […]