Comparing and contrasting CFDs versus equity swaps

Because CFDs allow you to make a profit off a leveraged amount and to trade on margin, they have become popular trading tools despite the risks they carry. One of the main attractions is being able to enter elite financial markets without exhausting all of your capital on hand. Another type of derivative finding as much favour […]

Eight times you should sit tight and avoid short-selling

Short-selling stock must be pretty profitable if some traders are giving themselves huge paydays doing business this way and incurring the wrath of big businesses, right? Not necessarily. It takes more savvy to go short than long, and your risk is greater. Here is the technical analysis, along with money management and psychological reasons you […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • October 12, 2018
  • 8:59 pm BST

Which forex brokers in Australia are at the top of their game?

Broker comparisons are part of the due diligence you must perform when you first learn to trade CFDs, shares or commodities. Doing broker research is often encouraged in forex trading advice and similar investing fundamentals articles, for good reason. You cannot trade without a suitable platform, and these are provided by brokers. Each broker has […]

  • By Jeff Cartridge
  • 8:53 pm BST

Actions to take in a share price mini-crash

Whether you’re forex trading, trading shares or CFD trading, the market will go against you at some point simply because markets are erratic by nature. A share price can fall sharply in a matter of hours not because of any logical pricing factors or market data, but on what seems like a whim. It’s every […]

  • By Saidur Rahman
  • October 11, 2018
  • 7:45 pm BST

Trade entry and execution: Three great ways to make improvements

If you’re a day trader and you buy when the share price dips and sell when it’s high, you’ll know that deals can sometimes go wrong or could have gone better. If you review past deals, you may notice that given a better entry price, you would have profited from a deal instead of making […]

Leveraged ETFs: Should you trade them?

Should you day trade, swing trade or make a long-term investment in leveraged ETFs? Four leveraged ETFs were approved by the SEC in 2006 after coming under scrutiny for many years. This should give you an indication of how serious the risks can be. You can go long or short, and you can even find […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • October 10, 2018
  • 10:39 pm BST

Understanding why technical indicators fail

Trading signals and indicators form part of the basis of technical analysis of trading trends and market movement. These tools are used by most traders to analyze price action and plan entry and exit strategies. Although these are popular in CFD, stock and forex advice and often work well, no technique in the trading industry […]

Trading with Elder’s triple screening strategy

In 1986, Dr. Alexander Elder developed the Triple Screen trading system to eliminate false indicators and signals. The theory behind this system is that a single indicator cannot predict and analyze market conditions on its own, so it uses more than one indicator. It has become one of many reliable trading strategies and allows you […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • October 9, 2018
  • 8:35 pm BST

How has ESMA affected CFD trading volumes?

When the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) came into force on August 1, it signaled widespread changes and restrictions on retail electronic trading. It impacts how certain leveraged financial instruments, such as CFDs, can be offered by brokers and traded by retail investors. The restrictions impose leverage limits on CFD trading opening positions. The […]

Mining and ICO fraud implies Ponzi or investment swindles

During 2017, the frenzy in the investment community that arose from the accelerating valuations of anything with the phrase “crypto” in front of it harkened back to asset bubbles of the past. Countless examples were brought forward in the financial press, but no one wanted to be apprised of the risks involved. Everyone knew that […]

  • By Tom Cleveland
  • 12:20 am BST