Trade entry and execution: Three great ways to make improvements

If you’re a day trader and you buy when the share price dips and sell when it’s high, you’ll know that deals can sometimes go wrong or could have gone better. If you review past deals, you may notice that given a better entry price, you would have profited from a deal instead of making […]

Leveraged ETFs: Should you trade them?

Should you day trade, swing trade or make a long-term investment in leveraged ETFs? Four leveraged ETFs were approved by the SEC in 2006 after coming under scrutiny for many years. This should give you an indication of how serious the risks can be. You can go long or short, and you can even find […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • October 10, 2018
  • 10:39 pm BST

Top 5 guide books on value investing

Among the many existing investment types, value investing is a unique choice that focuses closely on the innate value of potential investment stocks. Although many methods exist for this type of investing, it remains one of the more mysterious types. Investors choose suitable stocks based on the analysis of the stock and its true worth, […]

Rethinking the method of averaging down

Many traders believe that averaging down is a wise way to improve the potential of a profitable trade. It is true that this method can be useful, but whether it is a viable option in long-term trading is questionable. This action is done by adding to your initial position, particularly when it begins to counter […]

Volatility doesn’t have to have negative connotations

Volatility in the market happens frequently, and it is what makes it so difficult to trade as a living. This is why few people rely on this kind of work as a full-time income. Trading in market conditions like these is a tremendous task and one that can be quite stressful and taxing. However, there […]

Analyzing an investment company’s fundamental potential

A company’s value is often reflected in the price of its shares, which can indicate both negative and positive potential. A company with stability attracts more investors as their chances of profiting are greater if the company succeeds. Alternatively, a company with an uncertain future is less likely to gain investments because it cannot promise […]

An overview of short selling and its strategies

Short selling a stock is a beneficial technique when trading on the stock market. However, like strategies in other market and CFD trading, it can appear confusing at first. The best way to approach the technique is to understand exactly what short selling is. To short sell a stock, you must first identify a stock […]

The Alligator and Three Wise Men strategies

Many traders are known for their flaring tempers and enthusiasm, but few recognize the creativity that lies buried beneath the surface. Forex dealing advice and strategies when trading are a vital part of achieving success. This is where the creative side of those who tend to be analytical thinkers gets a chance to shine. The […]

How to trade Elliot Waves

The Elliott Wave Theory can be simply stated as the old adage that every action is followed by a reaction. In wave terms, and specifically Elliot Waves, five waves move in the direction of the main trend, to be followed up by three corrective waves. This is a five-three wave move. A cycle is complete […]

Understanding the Ichimoku Indicator Tool

Tools such as stock charts are a critical part of your armory when you learn how to trade CFDs, become a forex trader or learn to trade in stocks. It is as essential for newcomers to trading as it is for seasoned traders, with the only difference being the level of analysis that you are […]