Which forex brokers in Australia are at the top of their game?

Broker comparisons are part of the due diligence you must perform when you first learn to trade CFDs, shares or commodities. Doing broker research is often encouraged in forex trading advice and similar investing fundamentals articles, for good reason. You cannot trade without a suitable platform, and these are provided by brokers. Each broker has […]

  • By Jeff Cartridge
  • October 12, 2018
  • 8:53 pm BST

The key to assessing and choosing Forex auto traders

 The Forex trading industry has boomed alongside continuous technological developments and currently has ample methods and resources that traders can use to get ahead. These resources allow traders to study trading strategies and improve their trading abilities. The number of advanced brokers and facilities has also increased to accommodate the growing market. These resources provide […]

  • By Jeff Cartridge
  • October 5, 2018
  • 6:53 pm BST

Adapting to new regulations to maintain the CFD and Forex market pace

The rules and regulations in the forex and CFD markets continue to change and develop as the markets grow. These changes not only create volatility in the markets but also affect the list of actions forex and CFD brokers might carry out ­– or not. Because of this constant unpredictability, it is vital for traders […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • 6:48 pm BST

The markets in 2018: CFD and Forex trading

2018 has seen a surge in market trends, trading tools and overall potential in the industry. Forex trading is now available 24/5 (excluding weekends). It begins in Australia, moving all the way to the US to end the market day. This means that traders can trade from any location and at any time of the […]

The 24-hour trading day of the forex market

The forex market is currently the largest in the trading industry. It can reach up to $5 trillion traded every day. What makes stock, commodity and CFD advice so different from that of the forex market is the fact that it can be traded 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. This is due […]

  • By Saidur Rahman
  • September 28, 2018
  • 8:20 pm BST

Recognizing forex broker scams before it’s too late

The forex market has become increasingly popular over the past several years as more and more traders migrate from other markets. There are a lot of reasons for this, like the promise of large profits and the great accessibility to the market. As more traders are moving to forex, an influx of uneducated traders has […]

Forex market lessons from 3 day traders

The concept of day trading encompasses a group of traders who work from their homes as their primary or secondary source of income. These traders usually work on short-term trades and daily fluctuations in the markets to make money. This form of trading has become simple enough for anyone with the right technology setup, a […]

Technical traders’ reliance on forex signals

 Forex signals are used by scalpers and long-term fundamental traders alike, but technical traders should not be left out of the loop as far as signals are concerned. Forex signals can be very helpful to technical traders. Fundamental analysis is carried out in order for signals to be created. This benefits technical traders in the […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • September 22, 2018
  • 1:38 am BST

Pullback and breakout entry styles in trend trading

Trading according to trends is a popular way to stay ahead and create beneficial opportunities. This method allows you to identify price trends, analyze their qualities and plot trades accordingly. Trend trading is suitable for many markets, such as stocks or forex trading, and it can be applied to beginner or experienced trades. One good […]

  • By Jeff Cartridge
  • September 20, 2018
  • 7:03 pm BST

Five tips for spotting forex broker scams

All traders fear that their broker might be scamming them in some way or another, and this type of behavior can be difficult to spot. Those with more experience might be familiar with forex advice regarding the warning signs. For those who are just starting out, however, it’s essential to learn these signals and how […]

  • By Harrison Cole
  • September 19, 2018
  • 8:49 pm BST