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"Learn how to use Contracts for Difference (CFDs) from people who have been trading CFDs since they were first launched here in Australia back in 2002."

How do we know? We've tried all sorts of different trading ideas and made nearly every mistake in the book while learning to trade. We are constantly testing and measuring what works and what doesn't and if you are prepared to follow a series of proven steps, you'll discover what it takes to trade CFDs in a sensible and systematic way.

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When we say we wrote the book on Contracts for Difference (CFDs), we literally do mean we wrote the book on it, and you can access both of our recent CFD books in all good bookstores around Australia or through Amazon. In addition to that we were asked recently to contribute a chapter on position sizing strategies with leveraged instruments in The Wiley Trading Guide Volume II, which was launched worldwide.

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CFDs Made Simple - Jeff Cartridge & Ashley Jessen SuperCharge Your Trading with CFDs - Jeff Cartridge The Wiley Trading Guide Vol 2 - Featuring Jeff Cartridge & Ashley Jessen

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What is a Contract for Difference or CFD?

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are exactly like trading shares except you only need a small amount of money up front. This is referred to as CFD Margin. To get your CFD trading off on the right foot, make sure you check out the CFD Tutorial, 7 CFD Trading Tips and our Free Stock Market Articles.

Contracts for Difference are remarkably simple and if you understand traditional share trading (buy BHP low,  sell high and profit in between) then you will pick up CFD Trading Strategies very quickly.

The name Contracts for Difference pretty much implies exactly what happens with your trading profit or loss. It is  simply the difference between where you get in and where you get out that determines your profit or loss when trading CFDs.

There are some subtle differences from share trading to trading CFDs like CFD Leverage and CFD Finance and of  course it's important to understand the CFD Risks before jumping on board with a CFD Broker like Capital CFDs.

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are traded on margin which means you only need a small amount of money up front in order to control a much larger position. For example if you wanted to buy $10,000 worth of BHP share CFDs you only require 5% margin or $500 in order to control $10,000 worth of BHP CFDs.

Supercharged returns

Contracts for Difference enable your money to work much harder for you through CFD Leverage. In the example above with $10,000 worth of BHP CFDs, your position may only move in your favor by 5%.

For example BHP moves from $40.00 to $42.00 then your $10,000 position is now worth $10,500 which represents a gain of 5% (trading costs excluded in this example), therefore you have just made 100% return on your initial $500 margin outlay.

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) can also lead to losses, so traders need to be mindful of the CFD Risks, how to place  appropriate stop loss orders and use sensible money management rules. If in the CFD example above BHP dropped from $40 to $38 then the CFD position would have lost $500 (trading costs excluded in this example).

Where have CFDs been all my life?

CFDs have some great benefits compared to other forms of trading but it is important to weight up the pro's and con's and determine if CFDs are the right fit for you.

CFD Benefits  

CFDs mirror the performance of the share or index you are trading

CFD Benefits


CFDs are an efficient way to HEDGE an existing share portfolio for those who know what they are doing

CFD Benefits


CFDs enable you to partake in corporate actions or stock splits

CFD Benefits


CFDs pay dividends just like owning the regular share (no franking credits)

CFD Benefits


CFDs can be traded with very small outlays which range from 3% - 50%

CFD Benefits


CFDs offer incredible leveraging opportunities normally reserved for the upper echelon of traders

CFD Benefits


CFDs enable you to  take advantage of opportunity when the markets are falling, known as short selling

CFD Benefits


CFDs enable traders to take advantage of short term price volatility for minimal outlay

CFD Benefits


CFDs have no expiry date allowing you to hold a position for as little or as long as you like

CFD Benefits


CFDs have no fixed contract size meaning you can trade as little as 1 BHP CFD

CFD Benefits


CFD brokerage is very low and most CFD brokers charge brokerage from $10 minimum or 0.1%

CFD Benefits


CFDs can be traded via Direct Market Access (DMA) or a Market Maker (MM) model would like to welcome and thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to become a more informed  CFD trader.

Trade Smart

contracts for difference

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