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CFD Tutorial - The Basics

Learn CFDs CFD Tutorial to lay the foundation have put together a CFD Tutorial that will give you the basic building blocks to understand this rapidly growing financial product.

  1. CFDs and dividends - what happens?
  2. Getting your head around CFD financing
  3. CFD order tricks to watch out for
  4. Beware the CFD Risks
  5. A look at the history of CFDs

The goal of this CFD Tutorial is...

  • To outline the basics of trading CFDs;
  • To show the difference between stock trading and CFD trading;
  • To give CFD examples so you can clearly understand how the profit and loss is calculated on a CFD trade;
  • To illustrate the key benefits of CFD leverage and the key dangers of CFD leverage;
  • To show you how to work out CFD financing rates; and
  • To highlight the various CFD order types you can place with your CFD broker

It is important to keep in mind that a CFD tutorial will never be very extensive and the reason for that is very simple. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are exactly like trading shares except you need a small amount of money up front. There are a couple of other subtle differences and that is what this CFD tutorial is about.

So once a CFD tutorial has covered the basics of the product (which doesn't take much) the next step is teaching trading techniques like technical analysis or Gann or Swing trading.

There are a number of stock market educational companies that dress their CFD tutorial up into a 1-2 day course but its really only 2 hours of CFD education and 6 hours of stock market techniques.

We are confident that once you have gone through the CFD tutorial material provided here,  you will understand how Contracts for Difference (CFDs) work and understand how you can use them to enhance your own personal trading.

You may find that you need to come back a couple of times to read through all the material so make sure you bookmark this page using the social bookmarketing tools provided below.

Be patient when learning CFDs and you will find you enjoy that much more. Better still, start learning about CFDs or start this CFD tutorial with a friend and keep each other motivated.

Here are the links to each page again...

  1. What is a Contract for Difference (CFD)?
  2. Why Trade CFDs?
  3. CFD Trading examples
  4. Understanding CFD leverage
  5. CFDs and dividends - what happens?
  6. CFD Order types explained
  7. Getting your head around CFD financing
  8. CFD order tricks to watch out for
  9. Stock trading versus CFD Trading
  10. Beware the CFD Risks
  11. A look at the history of CFDs  

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Disclaimer: Trading Contracts for Difference carry risk where you can lose more than what you start with. View our full disclaimer here